Sell Your Medical Equipment

One Medical Stop is committed to providing reliable and affordable pre-owned equipment and supplies. We purchase equipment from doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, sales representatives, service engineers, biomedical and clinical engineers, materials managers, and supply chain directors. Categories of our refurbished equipment include but are not limited to C-Arms, Anesthesia Machines, Autoclaves, Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, Bladder Scanners, EKG Machines, Fetal Monitors, Heart-Lung Machines, Surgical / Imaging Tables, Ultrasound Machines, Ventilators, Surgical Lights and many more.
Laboratory medical equipment and computer screen showing research

Remove Your Excess Medical Equipment & Supplies

Healthcare professionals and medical equipment sellers often have fully-functional products that they’d like to sell. Sellers may want to make room for new products, update their practice , or liquidate assets to fund new purchases. One Medical Stop buys used medical equipment and supplies, so if you’re wondering who will buy your pre-owned equipment, send us a message.

We pride ourselves on building a valued partnership. You would be selling your medical equipment and supplies directly to us without a middleman. We have experienced personnel that are able to handle the entire buying process, including the removal of your medical equipment from your facility.

  • Remove Unwanted Items From Your Inventory

    You've got a lot of medical equipment and supplies and sometimes you need to get rid of them. They're not expired and you don't want them to go to waste, but you also can't exactly donate them. We make it easy for clients and practitioners to sell their unused medical equipment and supplies, so that they can be used by someone else rather than thrown into a landfill.

  • Practice Sustainability and Support a Greener Tomorrow

    Healthcare, in particular, is a field that produces a lot of waste, which can harm the environment. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re not contributing to this problem by throwing out old or unused medical equipment and supplies. At One Medical Stop, we buy your unused medical equipment and supplies for competitive prices.

  • Utilize Your Spending and Allocated Budget

    You've got a business to run and a budget to stick to, and the last thing you need is an overstocked supply room filled with unused equipment. That's where we come in! At One Medical Stop, we make it easier than ever to sell your unused medical equipment and supplies, so you can free up some space and put that money back in your budget.

  • Liquidate Your Inventory While Looking For Items You Need

    We will buy one item or your entire inventory. No minimum to sell your products. We can help you find the items you need whether preowned or new, and also liquidate your entire medical equipment and supplies inventory.