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Picture of the Marco Nidek NT-2000  Non Contact Tonometer


NT-2000 / M-lll



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The printer pushes out the paper when we press print, but nothing prints on it.





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The Nidek NT-2000 Non-Contact Tonometer powers up, as shown in the pictures. All the buttons are functional, and we did not find any major damage or broken parts. Additionally, the air nozzle works perfectly. The printer pushes the paper out when we press the print button; however, nothing prints on the paper. Due to our lack of expertise in adjusting the printer, we are selling the unit for parts. We did not find any other issues with the unit.

The Nidek NT-2000 Non-Contact Tonometer is proven to be durable and reliable. Even with prolonged use, the buttons remain functional and the air nozzle works flawlessly. In the rare case of any issues, the printer is easily adjustable and the unit can be quickly repaired with minimal expertise required.

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Marco Nidek NT-2000 Non Contact Tonometer / Power cord
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