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This Meiji ML2000 Binocular Compound Phase Contrast Microscope, designed for laboratory use, is in excellent condition and fully functional. The microscope powers up as seen in the pictures and all buttons are operational.

While there are signs of typical wear and tear, this unit was carefully taken from a working setting and is expected to perform effectively.

It comes equipped with Meiji ML2000 Binocular Compound Phase Contrast Microscope Eyepieces, including a 100x 1.25 DIN Objective, a 40x 0.65 DIN Objective, a 10x 0.25 DIN Objective, and a 4x 0.10 DIN Objective, all from the Meiji S.Flatfield series with a 160/0.17 numerical aperture.
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Meiji ML2000 / Microscope Eyepieces / 100x 1.25 160/0.17 DIN Objective / 40x 0.65 160/0.17 DIN Objective / 10x 0.25 160/0.17 DIN Objective / 4x0.10 160/0.17 DIN Objective / Everything in the Pictures
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